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Google maps for Navit

       Google maps for Navit     Python script v0.1.3

 Ported to Python and improved by
    Alexander Chemeris <>

 WARNING: This script provides only raster data to Navit, so
 it can't be used for routing. But it may be useful for other
 tasks or in the case you don't have vector maps for some region.

 To use this script, put it somewhere on the local file system and
 add one or more following entries to enabled mapset in navit.xml:
 	<map type="textfile" data="/path/to/\ type\ x\ y|"/>
 Here "type" is one of the following:
 * street - for street view
 * topo - for topographic view (streets + terrain)
 * sat - for satelite view
 Also set "x" and "y" to match Navit's drawing area size in pixels.
 This will allow script to shoose best available zoom level for
 downloaded maps. These values don't need to be exact, because
 zoom levels have a good step between them.

 	<map type="textfile" data="/usr/share/navit/\ topo\ 1020\ 700|"/>

 NOTE: You need to have imlib2 support enabled in navit to be able
 display images.


 version 0.1.3, 02 Dec 2008 21:54:42 +0300
  * Create directory for tiles in does not exist.

 version 0.1.2, 02 Dec 2008 00:07:25 +0300
  * Better zoom level matching.
  * Better handling of 404/403 Google error codes.

  * Download from different servers, or Google will return 403 errors.
  * Check zoom level limits.
  * Resize images on download. Now they're resized on every screen redraw
    inside Navit, which makes it very slow on embedded/mobile devices.


Here is a screenshot of OpenStreetMap data overlayed over Google's satelite images:

And here you can see bare Google street images in Navit window:

And compare to OpenStreetMap ;)